We Honor our Fallen Heroes, and Recognize Their Family’s Continued Sacrifice

Angels of America’s Fallen honors ALL of our fallen; those who fell in training, in combat, from illness while serving, and from invisible wounds after their service. We recognize the sacrifice they made, and the sacrifices their families continue to make EVERY day. We believe we have an obligation to help the children of our fallen as they grow up without their parent. It’s an honor to get them involved in positive activities with a coach or instructor who can mentor them.

Our Mission

To help children of our fallen military and first responders develop into strong and successful adults by providing them positive mentoring and developmental activities when they are at their most crucial developmental phase of life.

Our Vision

To walk alongside the children of our fallen when they need it most, while they are developing, regardless of the cause of their parent’s death. Many children fail to qualify for benefits, and fall through the cracks because of their parent’s cause of death or unit of assignment. Each child suffers regardless if mom or dad died in a combat zone, training accident, on the job illness, or from suicide as a result of the stress of their jobs. From the child’s perspective, the impact is the same, mom or dad is no longer there. No one can ever replace their lost parent, but we can be there for them.


“AOF has been a blessing to my 4 children and lets us know others understand my husbands sacrifice along with them being survivors. My 9 year old has slept with the dogs tags they gave him along with his dads every night since getting them and wears AOF dog tags to school everyday. That is priceless! Thank you all so much!”

“Thank you so much Angels of America’s Fallen for helping out with Jamie’s dream of one day being on a dance team in high school. She talks about dancing on a big stage on day in front of many many people.  She loves to show off her dance moves every chance she can get.  She dances around the house when ever we have music playing or she hears music.  Her teacher has said that Jamie has not only improved on her speech skills, but she has come out more of her shell.  Being able to dance is her way to let our what ever she is dealing with emotionally towards her father’s death in 2010.  Her attitude has changed for the better, and to interact with other children doing her dance makes her little heart dance.  I cannot thank you enough for helping with Jamie’s dream of being a dancer.”

“I truly see the need as I witness the struggles that my oldest child is currently going through and I really have no way to reach her. There are many places that are reactive in trying to help once kids have gone astray and hit ‘rock bottom’ and (finally) decide that they want to get back on track. But, what a fabulous concept to proactively keep them from going astray in the first place by helping them build a firm foundation by participating in extracurricular activities led by strong role models who stand by to guide them in the right direction. I commend you for your foresight to see this need and your dedication to make it happen! wow…..”

Our heroes gave all for our legacy, what will we give for theirs?

The men and women serving in the high-risk voluntary professions of military and first responders are heroes serving our country. Because of the inherent high risk in their training and the performance of their duties, some of them give all and lose their lives while serving. Their families continue to suffer well after our heroes have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and security. Their children have lost one of their biggest mentors during the most crucial developmental time in their life.

Over 16,000 children have lost a parent since Sept 11, 2001.
The average age of each child is just 7 years old.
More than 2,300 were already in single parent households.


Registration for new children is currently closed.

We are supporting over 300 children nationwide. We are working to increase funding to allow us to support more children. The only barrier to supporting more children is funding to pay for the activities. There is nothing we would like more than to support every child of our fallen, and we are doing all we can to raise awareness and funds to work towards that goal.

Angels of America’s Fallen is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we serve children of our fallen military and first responders in all 50 states and U.S. Territories. Our Federal EIN is 45-5029479. We are committed to transparency and have earned the GuideStar Exchange Seal. Dual fiscal oversight is provided by BookKeeping Express and Senior Tax Advisory Group. There are many ways you can give to support children of our fallen. Please click HERE to learn how you can help. slidemasterNSPF2b

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