Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the mission of Angels of America’s Fallen?

  • Our mission is to support the dreams of children of fallen firefighters, military, and law enforcement by funding healthy, positive activities until adulthood.

2. Who is eligible for support from Angels of America’s Fallen?

  • Children who have lost a parent serving as a firefighter, in the military, or in law enforcement are eligible for support.

3. What types of activities do you fund for the children?

  • We fund activities such as sports, music, arts, and other interests that provide a positive outlet and help build confidence.

4. How can I register a child for support?

  • To register a child, visit our “Register A Child” page on our website and complete the necessary forms.

5. How can I volunteer with Angels of America’s Fallen?

  • Visit our “Volunteer” page to learn about volunteer opportunities and sign up to get involved.

6. What are the different ways to donate?

  • You can donate online via our website, set up a monthly donation, or participate in our fundraising events.

7. How is the donated money used?

  • Donations fund the activities and programs for the children, ensuring they have the resources to pursue their passions.

8. Can I organize a fundraiser for your organization?

  • Yes, you can organize a fundraiser. Please check our “Fundraising Kit” for guidelines and support.

9. What events do you host throughout the year?

  • We host several events, including the Angel Gala and Angel Golf, among others. Check our “Events Calendar” for details.

10. How can corporations get involved?

  • Corporations can become sponsors, providing financial support and partnering with us for various events and initiatives.