A children’s charity with a culture of stewardship.

One of our core values at Angels of America’s Fallen is pristine fiscal stewardship and responsibility.

 In 2022, Angels supported over 557 children and 734 parents/guardians nationwide. Countless more await our support pending additional fundraising.

Accordingly, Angels of America’s Fallen operates as lean as it can, while devoting a high percentage of our resources directly to the Programs portion of our budget; the portion that directly serves the children. Furthermore, in keeping with our high standard, Angels of America’s Fallen will contract an annual audit from an outside, reputable, and unbiased firm.

Budget Spending


Commitment to Transparency

Angels of America’s Fallen has been recognized for its solid commitment to transparency by Intelligent Philanthropy and GuideStar.

GuideStar is one of the preeminent compilers of non-profit data in the marketplace. Angels of America’s Fallen has achieved their highest level of recognition possible: GuidStar Platinum, which represents our efforts to share progress and results in important new ways—moving way beyond simplistic financial ratios—to reflect the changes that our organization is making in the world. View profile >

Excellence in Giving recognizes Commitment to Transparency when charities communicate more about governance, finances, strategy, and impact than the IRS requires. Each recognized charity has submitted 175 data points about operations and performance to give donors a comprehensive look.
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