Karen Kantor

Development Director

Karen is an avid runner and was a 1500m Olympic Trial Qualifier, a member of the professional German Cross team, and was a member of the All-Army Olympic Professional Development team. While in the Army she represented the US in International competitions for 3 years until a spinal cord injury paralyzed her from the waist down. No longer able to serve in Army, she worked on serving others as she rehabilitated, and eventually was able to run again. Karen has run 300 miles in a virtual team-run across the US, served as the coach of the North JeffCo Community Running team, and ran 50 miles on her 50th Birthday to raise funds for Angels.

With 20 years of nonprofit experience, she has supported homeless, veteran and disability causes, at times balancing a professional athletic career with her passion of serving others and giving them a voice. Karen joined the Angel’s team at the beginning of 2020 to assist Angels of America’s Fallen in expanding their reach. As a wounded Veteran, serving with Angels allows her to continue to serve her fallen brothers and sisters by supporting the dreams of their children.