Mathew Peretz

Matt has served as a Relationship Manager and Business Owner Specialist with Bank of America, N.A. since 2018. Prior to this position with Bank of America, N.A, Matthew Served as the Chief Operations Officer for The Orthopedic Clinic Association and assisted in development of the stem cell program for Arthrex. Prior to entering the corporate environment, Matthew served with the United States Army as an artillery man with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. During Matthew’s deployment to Afghanistan is where he found the love for volunteering while conducting leader engagements and humanitarian missions. He achieved the rank of sergeant prior to his exit from service in 2013. 

Matthew enjoys volunteering in his off time by teaching financial literacy and behavioral economics to students of all ages. He has 2 children: Donovan and Connor and enjoys going on adventures with his boys. He currently resides in Colorado Springs. 

Matthew, a bald man in a suit and tie, smiling.