Mission Moment Memory (2017): Laura

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(This article was originally posted in 2017)

Laura’s father, who was a lieutenant in the Civil Engineering Corps of the U.S. Navy, died from an unexpected cardiac event while serving his beloved country. The staff of Angels of America’s Fallen is honored to support Laura and to remember her father.

For then-17-year-old Laura, her high school experience was pleasantly accented by her time spent as part of her school’s color guard team. The work ethic, athleticism and artistry that she developed over the years in her Angels-supported activity comes clearly into focus when she is out there performing, or in competition.

“Can I start by saying thank you so much!” Laura wrote back in 2017. “Because of your help, I have had an amazing marching band season especially Winterguard! We competed at Winterguard World Championships and made semis, which is the first time in our school’s history! The competition was very tight because we were in a class with 200 other guards. The experience was very rewarding and it will always be with me forever. The guard program means a lot to me because it is my second family. The coaches and all the girls have shaped me into the person I am today.”

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