Mission Moment: Austin Wearing 21 Like His Dad

Published On: February 13, 2023Categories: NewsBy

Austin proudly honors his father, the late U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Brad Rich, on the football fields of Texas. And it paid off in big ways this past year.

Austin recently completed a busy football season and helped lead his team to the title. After starting the season with the Red Raiders in August, he moved up to a select team – the Sharks from San Marcos. Austin played a valuable role with the Sharks as they defeated the Houston Wolverines in the championship game.

“It was such an intense game, but the team fought so hard,” Austin’s mother wrote. “The boys ended the long season just like they wanted.”

Whether playing for the Red Raiders or the Sharks, the one constant in his football season was wearing number 21 on his jersey to honor his father.

“Austin’s number is always #21, which was his dad’s football number from his high school,” Austin’s mother wrote. “I just want to say thank you to Angels of America’s Fallen for the support and love,” Austin’s mother continued. “We really appreciate you!”

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