Mission Moment: Dak Finds Passion Under Water

Published On: October 17, 2022Categories: Angel BlogBy

Angels of America’s Fallen encourages kids to try various activity sessions until they find their passion, even if that means thinking outside of the box.

Dak, the son of the late U.S. Army Captain Douglas D., has been with the Angels program for a few years now. Through the Angels program, Dak participated in traditional activities such as swimming and football as a young kid. The Angels program allowed him to explore activities until he found his niche. However, that passion-filled activity eluded him until recently dipping his toes back in the water wearing scuba gear in a non-traditional activity.

“Dak is very outgoing and adventurous but nothing really set him on fire until scuba,” Dak’s mother wrote. “He loves it! This past month he received his scuba certification and is now signed up for Advanced Open Water Scuba through Angels. He is beaming whenever he comes out of the water.”

Dak’s joy for scuba diving may have turned into a life-long calling. He has started to envision his future and how scuba can be part of making a living.

“Dak is now talking about how he could incorporate his new scuba certification in future job opportunities,” Dak’s mother wrote. “I am so grateful for Angels of America’s Fallen because this is something I would have never been able to provide for him or even thought to try for him. This program allows you to explore for your child what will really define and shape them. Thank you Angels! We love you!”

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