Mission Moment: Jennaca Realizing Her Dreams

Published On: September 26, 2022Categories: Angel BlogBy

Jennaca, the daughter of the late U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Michael M., dreamed of enjoying sports in a stress-free environment after many years of her family experiencing financial insecurity. That dream has been realized through the many generous Angel supporters enabling her to compete in lacrosse in high school and now in college at Clarkson University.

Jennaca wrote to Angels of America’s Fallen and said: “I am writing to express my sincere gratitude towards the endless opportunities that have opened up to me thanks to the generous donors of Angels of America’s Fallen. My father took his own life due to PTSD and Survivor’s Guilt following the attacks of 9/11. This left my mom to raise and provide for my sister and I alone, not leaving any extra money for sports and extracurricular activities. Not only having one parent, but not being able to enjoy the carefree aspect of sports due to the stress of paying for them, was a constant struggle throughout my life.

“When I found out I was receiving money to support my high school lacrosse team spring break trip to Florida and Universal Studios, it was a feeling like no other. The stress taken off my shoulders finally allowed me to enjoy every aspect of the trip, sport and feel like a kid again after many years of financial insecurity. Now that I am continuing my lacrosse career at Clarkson University, I can finally enjoy the stress free aspect of sports I’ve always dreamed of as a kid.

“This has truly been a life changing opportunity that cannot be expressed how much it has helped me. Thank you again for the selfless generosity and thoughtfulness shown to me, it is greatly appreciated.”

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