Mission Moment Memory (2017): Zoe

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(This article was originally published in 2017)

Zoe’s dad, a U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer and helicopter pilot, was a decorated soldier with two separate deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He died doing what he loved as he served his family and country proudly.

Following tragedy, everyone needs their own oasis. And for Zoe, that place was her local YMCA pool. As someone who had no formal training in aquatic sports, Zoe fell in love with the water and quickly began to thrive under the instruction of her swim coach. It wasn’t long before Zoe’s passion became competitive and she joined her high school swim team where she continued to flourish. As a 16-year-old back in 2017, she was making plans to gain her certification to become a lifeguard.

It is a distinct privilege for Angels of America’s Fallen to have supported Zoe in her passion and to always honor and remember her father.

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