#MissonMoment: Ninja Angels

Published On: July 6, 2022Categories: Angel BlogBy

A Heartfelt Thanks from an Angel Mom: My boys didn’t walk for the entire hour. Instead, they skipped and jumped and squealed in joy. I had an ear-to-ear grin on my face. I was watching them swing, climb, balance, run, and fall as they completed the obstacle course. Their first “ninja” class. Michael and Thomas, both 7 years old, were on cloud nine, sweating buckets and belly laughing the entire time. What joy filled my heart. This is all I want for my children – as any mother does – for them to be happy again, confident again, and resilient.

Only two years earlier, my husband unexpectedly died. My children were traumatized, confused and longing for their daddy. I have been working so hard to comfort them; to provide stability and reassurances that we will be okay. But, sometimes I feel I’m falling short as I grapple with my own trauma and grief. I find it hard to be a suddenly single supermom, though I want to be with all my heart.

In stepped Angels of America’s Fallen. Their goal is to support our fallen military and first responder children all the way through age 18 in extracurricular activities to help build up their resilience and reestablish their confidence. My children and I are so thankful there are so many good people who are there to help heal our children. Not only are my boys provided with a wonderful new experience, but it also has given me the impetus to keep moving forward and continue to help them pursue new activities and interests in order to create new memories so we all can heal.

My boys chose to train to be “ninjas.” Angels of America’s Fallen gladly supported their desire. And, they are having a ball. It probably is the first time I have smiled in two years. We are rebuilding our lives. The children are in a nurturing school. We are very thankful for our new home. And we are slowly getting back up on our feet – one fun “ninja” class at a time.

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