Register a Child

We provide support to children worldwide.

Please complete the simple registration form below. Children are supported on a first come, first served basis as our capacity increases, so we recommend registering as soon as possible.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we are dependent on the goodness of donors and supporters, so we cannot make projections about when we will be able to enroll your child. However, we are constantly working to raise funds to support as many children as possible. We will contact you to confirm we have your information and will send you updates.

Our Heart

There are some sentiments for which words will always be insufficient. From everyone at Angels of America’s Fallen, we’d like to extend our deepest sense of gratitude to you and your family for the sacrifice and service that you have given on behalf of our nation. We only hope that our act of service to you can, in some small way, fill our words of thanks with a more appropriate and deeper meaning.

What to Expect

Our mission is to see the children of our fallen grow into healthy and successful adults, writing their own stories of success, by finding an activity that they are passionate about and can grow in, with a coach or a mentor. Once accepted into our program and until their 19 th birthday, we will cover the costs of each child’s activity or passion (up to an annual limit.) You select the activity and activity provider, and Angels of America’s Fallen steps in to cover the cost, up to that dollar limit.

We support children in activities like: Aquatic Sports, Dance, Gymnastics, Musical Arts, Football, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Camp and more.

Who do we support?

We support the children of deceased military, law enforcement, firefighters, and paramedics who:

  • Gave all while actively serving without any restrictions based on cause of death: Non-combat causes are eligible (including training accidents, suicide, and death from an illness while on duty).

  • Are diagnosed with service connected PTSD and subsequently commit suicide after their separation from their respective service.

  • Special cases are considered, so if you don’t feel that your spouse’s death meets the above criteria but still might be eligible, we encourage you contact us so that we may consider your case.

Interested in Registering Your Child/Children?