US Taekwondo Center Takes One in the Face for the Team

Published On: December 21, 2021Categories: NewsBy

Master Lee and his team at the US Taekwondo Center hosted a series of fundraising activities to support our Angel Families and just announced that they raised over $5,000!

Besides being a long-time supporter, Master Lee invites all Angel Families to train for free, through black belt.

The US Taekwondo Centers held a promotion leading up to their 35th Anniversary, offering all proceeds for their 2-week special to support the Angel Program.  Additionally, during their holiday celebration, they held a “pie in the face” fundraiser, where the Taekwondo students could donate to throw a pie at the staff of their choosing.

Master Lee and his family have been long time supporters of the Angel Mission and they offer free classes to our Angel Youth and their Angel Guardians.  Here is a short news clip about Master Lee and the US Taekwondo Center’s commitment to our Angel Families:


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