Voices Program

Vision: Increase sustainability and capacity to support more children by having Angel Guardians & Graduates publicly present their story and the impact that Angels of America’s Fallen has had on their children’s lives.

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Voices Program Mission

To present Angel recipient stories to audiences nationwide in order to raise awareness and resources for Angels to continue supporting all enrolled children and increase capacity to support more Angels.

To learn more or to schedule a speaker please contact our Program Director:

Shelli Lewis
Program Director

About Voices

We believe nothing is more impactful than participants and graduates sharing their story,  highlighting their personal journey of healing and success, and showing the benefits and positive impact of an Angel participating long term in healing sports, arts and music programs which develop the Angel’s confidence, skills, and resiliency.

More information on the website at aoafallen.org such as upcoming events, ways to give, volunteer opportunities, how to register to serve families

Putting a Face to the Voice

Sina Compton

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Sina Compton was born and raised in Germany. She met her late husband, CW02 Eric D. Compton in 2003 and they were married in 2005 after he returned from his first Iraq deployment. They have 4 children, 3 boys and one girl, who were born while Eric served in the Marine Corps. As a family they lived in California, Texas and Hawaii.

After multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, Eric was diagnosed with PTSD, and fought these demons for many years before he committed suicide on July 27th, 2019.

While helping each of her children on their grief journey, as well as dealing with her own grief and mental health, Sina has become passionate about sharing her story and helping others understand how mental health and PTSD can affect service members and their families after deployments.