Volunteers literally “feel” the connection to the organization

Published On: March 9, 2022Categories: TestimonialsBy

When asked what his favorite part about volunteering with Angels was, Tom responded, “I have volunteered for many events and causes in my life and I still do. However, Angels [of America’s Fallen] is different in the way the core volunteers literally “feel” the connection to the organization. Not only to the children we are there for, but we share a common emotion. A desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children affected by terrible events. Events that they had no choice in, yet often suffer the deepest. From a personal perspective, Angels is real! You see the impact on the faces of the children we support up close and personal. You can’t get that from mailing a donation to a far away charity.” Tom describes the Angel family as “Close knit. Connected by a common desire. Extremely supportive. Very unselfish! Everyone puts the ‘cause’ first.” Tom’s advice to anyone looking to volunteer with Angels is, “Prepare to feel. Really feel… Angels gets into you. It touches you. You see and feel the pain, the loss… but you see the changes, the positive direction, the smiles, the confidence and joy in the lives of children that would otherwise be ignored and forgotten. A complete experience. All due to the mission of the Angels. So… Do I get something for volunteering with Angels? Yeah, I do. It’s not tangible. I can’t show it to you. But I get it! Every time!!!”


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