Your time is a gift

Published On: March 9, 2022Categories: TestimonialsBy

Working with Angels has really made me stop and think about the news stories we hear all too frequently about someone in the military or in law enforcement who has passed away.  Did they leave behind a spouse and children?  What steps are being taken to help these folks?  Will the children grow up with a mentor or coach who will speak into their lives like the fallen parent would have?  Does the spouse have support from the service or the community?  Are they able to make ends meet?  — A whole host of things.I have also become aware of the magnitude of the need.  Conservatively, just for the military, there are well over 16,000 kids that would qualify for the Angels program.  So much need.” When asked how he would describe the Angel volunteer family, Gary responded with, “The volunteer family is a joy to work with.  Everyone puts the needs of these kids first.  We work together using our time, talents and treasure while having the best time.  When you work with people who are dedicated to honoring our fallen, helping their children, and doing it with selfless devotion, well, you just don’t find better people anywhere.” Gary’s advice to anyone looking to volunteer with Angels is try it out, find your niche, and realize that your time is a gift.


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